Facilities and Security

Our first goal is the
safety of your artworks!

Piccin Arte has the administrative and operating offices in Rho in a residential area
within a private area closed during the night time and holidays.
Our first goal is the safety of your artworks!

The head office is equipped with a security system of high quality. This is an integrated system with the alarm, video surveillance, Central Operating Station manned on a 0/24 basis, and event management and co-ordination of emergency intervention with armed guards.
This new generation system, allows an analytic alarm transmission through the use of three different vectors of communication and simultaneously allows the reception of the images related to the event, consisting of a various frames pre- and post- of the same event. In this condition, the integrated software platform in Central Office enables the unequivocal diagnosis of the type of alarm (false or real). The central operating station software monitors with cyclic queries and statistics, the correct operation functioning of the alarm system, camera and video recording system. A service of technical assistance 0/24 guarantees an high quality security system with video surveillance connected 24 hours/24 to a Private Station and Police.

Attached Report of the Characteristics of the Security System.

The various areas are only accessible by internal staff thanks to closures with security code.
One room further reinforced iron wall and conditioning
is dedicated to the artworks of greater value.
An interior carpentry allows customized crate production.
A terracotta sculpture is very different from a bronze sculpture and requires a packing more delicate and protected.
For a shipment with our Fine Art lorries may be sufficient a soft-packing while for an air/sea shipment are required packaging in crates.

The head office is also close to the most important North of Italy motorway and the most important airport of Italy: Malpensa.

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